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    • 100% leak free guarantee
    • Shatter resistant plastic
    • 100% BPA free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Ink designed to protect from fading or chipping


PERFORMA teamed up with the extraordinary superheroes and superstars so that our products can help you bring out the extraordinary that lies within you. Capable of handling your active, on-the-go lifestyle licensed sports & fitness bottles allow you to express yourself and give people a real taste of who you are!

It’s lightweight and portable with the integrated carrying handle. Increase your water intake and enjoy perfectly mixed shakes. The PERFORMA ACTIV allows you to mix, pour, and store all in the same container.

PERFORMA perfect shaker products are designed with the athlete in mind. Manufactured to perform under extreme conditions, PERFORMA products are THE choice for the fitness enthusiast.

PERFORMA proudly stands behind the design, quality, materials and workmanship that goes into all of our ultra-premium workout shaker bottles. With our secure and leakproof protein bottles with twist lock cap and firm, snap-on covers you never need to worry about spilling your favorite pre-workout drink or protein shake.

Performa is relentless in ensuring that every product that is sold exceeds the demands that it will endure. In fact, Performa has an entire department “Performa Labs” dedicated to ensuring every product that is released is of the highest caliber.