5% NUTRITION Liver & Organ Defender

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    • Enhanced overall health
    • Promote faster recovery
    • Promote heart heath
    • Aid detoxification
    • Support immune function


In a society filled so heavily with toxins that are being consumed both orally and dermally via the skin, you can never be too sure about maximising organ health.

As the name suggests, Rich Piana Liver and Organ Defender is a nutrient packed capsulated organ support formula designed to support liver, heart, kidney, prostate and skin health.

Organ Defender is an elite level, clinically dosed health supplement that will have you feeling better, looking healthier and working better internally.

Support your health, reduce inflammation and defend against the damage caused by toxins, chemicals and free radicals.

Liver Support - The 3 core ingredients in the liver support formula include Milk Thistle, Glutathione and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), which all support the alkalisation, detoxification and rebuilding of healthy liver function.

NAC is a powerful precursor to Glutathione production, which is recognised as one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. High Glutathione levels protect the body against free radicals, which cause systemic inflammation and sickness, leading to a healthier internal system.

Heart Support - Hawthorne Berry and Magnesium have been used to support nervous system contractility and blood vessel relaxation, while Alpha Lipoic Acid and Garlic are included for the benefits of insulin sensitivity regulation and their supportive effect on blood pressure control.

Garlic has also been linked to improving blood lipid profiles, increasing blood flow and as a whole, this formula is designed to reduce arterial stress while supporting healthy blood flow.

Prostate Support - Saw Palmetto has been linked to improving the health of an enlarged prostate, which is one of the top health concerns of older males and may also support the prevention of male pattern baldness and urinary problems such as incontinence due to the support of prostate health.

Kidney Support - Natural Cordyceps help alleviate kidney stress, enhance blood flow to the kidneys, which supports renal function and it has also been shown to improve protein synthesis.

Skin Support - Zinc has long been used for its immunity benefits but it has also been linked to improving both the production of Testosterone but more importantly, Zinc reduces the risk of DHT that occurs in some men, which when elevated may increase the likelihood of acne, pimples and oily skin.

Combining Zinc with Selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant, may help improve skin elasticity, reduce skin degradation in areas of previous damage and also help prevent further skin trauma.



  • Take 3 capsules morning, mid day and evening time with a meal
  • Do not exceed 9 capsules in a 24 hour period



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