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ATP SCIENCE Prototype 8

  • Induce powerful vasodilation and pump when applied directly to the target muscle group you are training
  • Feel the muscle burn and pump within seconds as blood floods the local area
  • Powerful induction of thermogenesis in subcutaneous and inter-muscular fat
  • The muscle bundle becomes engorged with blood within 1 or 2 sets
  • This holds nutrients and the prototype 8 active ingredients in the target zone longer to induce protein synthesis; enhancing muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown


Improves your aesthetic appearance when used before and / or during training. Secret weapon used by physique models and bodybuilders prior to photoshoots, physique modelling, competing or “instagramming” or going to the beach. Prototype8 is formulated to support the appearance of you naked.



  • After you warm up the target muscle group apply the Prototype 8 to finish off the session with a full on pump, sweat and muscle burn
  • It works within seconds and will saturate the muscle bundle for a further 30 minutes
  • Repeat the process for the next muscle group
  • Make sure you re-apply after your workout before you consume your post-workout meal or shake