BEAST Super Sauna Black

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    • Strong thermogenic supplement
    • Boost metabolism 
    • Eliminate water retention
    • Zero caffeine
    • Long lasting effects


For those in search of the perfect workout sweat, Super Sauna was made for you. Beast Sports Nutrition’s Super Sauna Black is a thermogenic dietary supplement that triggers a strong sweat while boosting your metabolism. The proprietary blend of ingredients packed in the Super Sauna allows you to burn more fat, enhances blood flow, and helps to relieve temporary water weight gain. When you combine all of these benefits, you’ll quickly discover why Super Sauna is regarded as one of the best weight-loss products on the market.

Super Sauna is a product that actually helps you sweat. The ingredients in Super Sauna produce thermogenesis, a natural process by which your metabolism burns off calories in the form of heat. Unlike CNS stimulants, which produce an anxiety-high sweat, Super Sauna was engineered to produce a healthy sweat similar to being at the beach on a warm summer day. Super Sauna also helps to eliminate water retention, burns calories, boosts metabolism, and enhances blood flow, which can burn fat.

This product does not contain caffeine or related CNS supplements. Due to this fact, taking Super Sauna will not make you feel jittery or anxious. In fact, many users have reported a clarity of mind and relaxing feeling after the sweat has ended. This product works fast and can last for up to 90 or 120 minutes. Super Sauna comes in a 150-gram canister and features our great-tasting Lemon Dropkick and Sweet Heat flavors.



  • Mix one (1) level scoop with 8-10 fl. oz. of water up to twice daily
  • Allow 4 hours between servings
  • Don’t use in hot environments, for rapid weight loss, or during intense exercise
  • Stay hydrated
  • Drink 64 fl. oz. of water daily while using Super Sauna