BODY RIPPED Androbolin

    • Increasing Strength
    • Aiding Muscle Growth
    • Enhancing Libido
    • Supporting Metabolic Function


ANDROBOLIN Superior Test Booster has been designed to help you satisfy physiological requirements of the male body, with a precision formulation that combines high quality herbal extracts plus key minerals.

Androbolin’s primary function is to assist in the body’s natural production of testosterone. The two key ingredients responsible are - Red Clover extract, which has been shown to activate both the androgen receptor and coactivator protein; and Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to support sexual function and aid in assisting the body’s natural production of Testosterone.

Androbolin also contains Selenium, Chromium, Vitamin B12, and Zinc, which are involved in protein metabolism and hormone production. When combined with a proper resistance exercise routine and high protein diet, Androbolin may help you to maintain your general health and wellbeing goals.


  • Take 3 capsules once daily, preferably 60 minutes before resistance exercise, or as recommended by your Healthcare Professional