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    • Nitric oxide boost
    • Increased muscle pump
    • Increased fat burning
    • Greater power, energy and endurance


AGMATINE is a byproduct of Arginine, produced through a process called decarboxylation. It is essentially Arginine with the carboxylic acid end removed.

AGMATINE supplementation offers multiple benefits to the athlete. First, AGMATINE may increase muscle fullness (by directing blood glucose away from fat cells into muscle cells, also assisting fat loss). AGMATINE has also been shown to maximise muscle pump (by boosting Nitric Oxide), and to increase muscle growth and recovery (possibly due to Agmatine’s positive effect on luteinising hormone). AGMATINE may also boost growth hormone (GH) even more powerfully than Arginine.

There are several ways athletes and bodybuilders can effectively use AGMATINE; before training, to increase alertness and energy levels, boost fat burning during exercise, and to increase muscle pump through Nitric Oxide; With meals, to maximise glycogen storage for increased muscle pump and endurance; At bedtime, to encourage GH release.


  • For nitric oxide boost - take 30 minutes prior to exercise
  • For increased muscle pump - take 30 minutes prior to exercise
  • For Increased fat burning - take 30 minutes prior to exercise
  • For greater power, energy and endurance - take 30 minutes prior to exercise