BODY RIPPED Cluster Dextrin

    • Soluble & Fast Absorbing Carb (Cyclic Dextrin)
    • Enhance Energy, Stamina & Recovery 
    • Maintain Low Blood Sugar Levels 
    • Improve Physical Performance & Bodybuilding


Body Ripped Cluster Dextrin is an enhanced formulation for stamina and recovery. It is a highly soluble complex branched carbohydrate that provides users with a source of energy to perform their best. When cyclic dextrin is ingested, they behave in various ways to support exercise performance and bodybuilding. Cluster Dextrin is perfect for users to improve performance with sustained energy carried during exercise. 



  • Add 30g of powder (1 heaped scoop) to 250-300ml water (or to taste), and consume as required
  • User may add other amino acids and supplements to Cluster Dextrin at his/her discretion
  • For Increased endurance and reduced fatigue - Take prior to, and/or during exercise
  • To Boost exercise performance - Take prior to, and/or during exercise
  • To reduce catabolism of muscle proteins - Take prior to, and/or during exercise
  • To accelerate hydration and recovery - Take prior to, during, and after exercise