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BODY RIPPED Creatine Nitrate

    • Increased muscle pump
    • A nitric oxide booster
    • A strength and power booster
    • Greater endurance


Creatine, already the world's most popular performance boosting supplement, has recently enjoyed increased popularity in various new forms - the best of these being CREATINE NITRATE.

CREATINE NITRATE not only delivers the strength and power benefits of traditional Creatine, but in its Nitrate form also offers the added benefit of being a potent Nitric Oxide booster. Nitrates have been shown to improve cardiovascular health due to an extremely strong Nitric Oxide (NO) releasing effect - an even more powerful effect than that available with the various forms of arginine. The key benefit of NO to athletes, is it's ability to relax smooth muscle, thereby increasing blood flow to the muscles, for increased pump, and better performance and recovery.

CREATINE NITRATE is most often taken by power athletes and bodybuilders prior to training, to increase strength, energy and endurance, as well as to increase NO levels - providing increased blood flow and muscle pump (which may increase nutrient transport to muscles, and positively influence recovery and growth).



  • For increased muscle pump - take 30 minutes prior to exercise
  • As a nitric oxide booster - take 30 minutes before exercise or as required
  • As a strength and power booster - take 30 minutes prior to exercise
  • For greater endurance - take 30 minutes prior to exercise