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    • Provide accelerated recovery
    • Reduced muscle breakdown
    • Improved immune function
    • Increased muscle size (volumisation)


L-GLUTAMINE is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, but can become depleted during intense exercise - which decreases strength and lengthens recovery.

Glutamine plays an important role in protein synthesis (the creation of muscle tissue) and for best results needs to be in a positive balance. On top of that, Glutamine is the major component in the immune factor, Glutathione, a deficiency of which often leaves hard-training athletes vulnerable to colds or infections.

Athletes and bodybuilders most often take supplemental L-GLUTAMINE before, during, and after training to improve endurance, reduce muscle breakdown, and accelerate recovery. L-GLUTAMINE can also be taken with meals, to replace muscle Glutamine stores, and rebuild Glutathione levels.



  • For Accelerated recovery - take after exercise
  • For reduced muscle breakdown - take 30 minutes prior to exercise and during exercise if required
  • For improved immune function - take daily with meals
  • For increased muscle size (volumisation) - take daily w