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    • Improved connective tissue and collagen formation
    • Increased energy
    • Improved recovery from exercise
    • Provide reduced anxiety and improved sleep


L-GLYCINE is a 'non-essential' amino acid which plays many roles in human metabolism. Of interest to athletes is Glycine's key role in collagen formation (Glycine comprises 1/3 of the protein in collagen), plus its ability to increase energy by enhancing creatine levels. Glycine's other athletic applications are; boosting Growth Hormone, reducing anxiety, and potential use as an anti-catabolic pre-workout aid.

L-Glycine is most commonly used by athletes to enhance collagen formation (for recovery from injury), or before bed for the dual purposes of enhanced Growth Hormone release and anxiety reduction. Glycine is also often utilised as a pre-workout energy booster.


  • For improved connective tissue and collagen formation - take daily, preferably before bed
  • For increased energy - take 10-15 minutes prior to exercise
  • For improved recovery from exercise - take post exercise, within 15 minutes of end of workout
  • For reduced anxiety and improved sleep - take before retiring or as required