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    • Improved vegetable quality
    • Increased protein synthesis
    • Greater growth hormone release


L-LYSINE is an essential amino acid which plays many important roles in the body. Of most interest to athletes is Lysine's vital role in protein synthesis, and the impact that low lysine levels in some vegetarian proteins may have on muscle recovery and growth. Lysine is also of interest as a Growth hormone releaser, as an inhibitor of some strains of herpes, and as a precursor for the fat-burning amino acid Carnitine.

L-Lysine is most commonly used by athletes to improve the quality of vegetable proteins, to increase protein synthesis, and as a Growth Hormone releaser (especially when used in combination with arginine). L-Lysine is also often utilised as a treatment for cold sores.



  • For relief of cold sore symptoms - take once or twice daily
  • For improved vegetable quality - take with protein meal
  • For increased protein synthesis - take after exercise
  • For greater growth hormone release - take in conjunction with L-Arginine before sleep