BSc Alkaline Mountain Spring Water

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It's no secret that our body works around the clock to try and maintain a healthy, well functioning system. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of the modern day man and woman doesn't allow for much time to stop and think about what we are feeding our body to help assist it in the countless reactions it participates in each day. This has unfortunately led to an increased consumption of highly acidic foods on a far more regular basis.

The bodies pH is a term that reflects how acidic or alkalitic the body is. And with the increased consumption of acidic food and drinks, now is the time to start balancing out your pH level.

Alkaline Mountain Spring Water has a pH of 7.9 which can be the first step towards better health and well being. Drinking alkaline water is considered to be the most effective way to neutralise acids and remove toxins from the body, and it comes as no surprise considering that our body is approximately 60% water, with our blood being over 80% water.