• Increased Testosterone
    • Increased muscle growth and stamina
    • Boost mood
    • Estrogen blocking properties


True freaks can track their dimensions and attitude back to one component found in nature: testosterone. As you know, men often start to decline in naturally occurring testosterone production by the age of 30. This reduction can lead to decline in sex drive, muscle strength, endurance, inner confidence, and belief. It’s this compound that asks man, “Will he succeed or will he fail?”

Warbringer provides the most advanced scientifically researched ingredients known to help support testosterone naturally in men. Warbringer may emphatically make a profound statement not only in how you feel, but how you look, how you train, and how you conduct yourself in and out of the gym. Do what’s right for yourself and regain the very best you have inside.



  • As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with food per day
  • Do not exceed 1 scoop daily