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    • A delicious, athlete-focused plant-based protein 
    • Natural complex carbohydrates to help you train and recover harder 
    • An easily mixable formula ready to have on its own or with your choice of milk 
    • A gut-friendly, easily digested blend 
    • A performance product with added creatine, maca and MCT  
    • No artificial flavours or ingredients 
    • No stevia 


Finally a plant based Refeed Protein designed for hard training athletes and not just the ‘general nutrition’ market. As more and more athletes are choosing to follow a plant-based nutrition program, following plant based shouldn’t mean missing out on the high performance ‘extras’ often found in regular protein supplements.

Plant Power MRP Refeed by International Protein was created with sports performance and optimal muscular growth and recovery in mind!
MRP Refeed’s amino acid profile contains all the essential amino acids in the correct amounts and even rivals a typical whey formulation for completeness and quality. This is achieved by combining pea, organic rice and sachi inchi proteins and provides the most anabolic profile possible to support muscle growth and recovery.

Plant proteins by nature have a medium digestion rate, but MRP Refeed contains hydrolysed Pea and Mung protein peptides for that instant post workout protein hit. These amazing plant protein peptides provide the most easily and rapidly digested form of plant protein available to accelerate recovery.

Energy rich native tapioca and nutrient rich MODCARB complex carbohydrates from gluten free oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet provide the body with the sustainable fuel to drive intense workouts and spare protein during exercise to ensure optimal muscle maintenance or weight gain is achieved. 

Energy and vitality is essential to great sports performance. Creatine, Organic Maca and coconut water powder support strength while providing clean energy and natural electrolytes. Some scientific evidence suggests Maca gives you a natural energy shot. It can also help combat the stress caused during heavy training and competition.

Delicious naturally flavoured PLANT POWER MRP Refeed tastes incredible even when mixed on water but it also blends perfectly with almond and coconut milk or can be mixed into other foods like non-dairy yoghurt.

COMPLETE ESSENTIAL PROTEIN PLUS NATURAL CARBS 1:1 RATIO - Pea and rice contain complimentary amino acids which are further supported by the complete essential amino acid profile found in the ancient super-seed Sachi Inchi. Native tapioca and gluten free oatbran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet ensure a 1:1 protein:carb ratio is maintained.

MUNG & PEA PEPTIDES - Get instant recovery with these unique plant derived protein peptides. Hydrolysed di & tri peptides from protein rich mung bean and pea proteins takes performance and recovery to the next level.

MCT ENERGY - Many vegan MCT powders still contain small amounts of dairy casein. Complete Protein contains a truly vegan source of this incredible energy rich fast burning fat source that helps spare muscle and fuel workouts.

ORGANIC MACA - Used as a powerful plant medicine for more than 3000 years, Maca is packed with nutrients to support increased energy while reducing stress. Packed with a range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help keep muscles moving.

ADDED VEGAN CREATINE FOR PERFORMANCE - Creatine plays a role in optimal strength and workout performance. As Creatine is mostly found in red meat and dairy products, it is often lacking in plant based diets if not supplemented.

STEVIA FREE - The sweetness in the product comes from a small amount of natural low GI organic coconut sugar and the delicious natural flavours, carefully combined for a perfect deliciously balanced flavour experience.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - Added DigeZyme digestive enzymes, including protease, to help break down proteins into simple amino acid chains and facilitate the absorption of these amino acids within the body.



  • Mix 70g (2 Scoops) with 350 - 400ml of water
  • Consume 1 serve per day or take as 2 half serves as a shake or mixed with other wholesome foods for a pumped protein boost



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