ISOLATOR FITNESS Isobag Meal System 6 Meal

Isolator Fitness designed the ISOBAG to be the Ultimate Lunch Cooler—versatile and universal. With its flexible design, the ISOBAG fits your needs with its spacious, on-the-go meal organization. It is the fitness meal cooler that adapts to the demands of your on-the-go health-conscious lifestyle.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we’ve created two ISOBAG variations: the 3- and 6-Meal lunch cooler. Each version includes twice the number of storage containers, letting you swap out dirty ones for a fresh set—saving you prep time during the week.

Created to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and the rigors of a hectic schedule, the ISOBAGTM provides the organizational capacity to carry your favorite health foods or workout meals with you wherever you go. Our meal management system design withstands regular use and is built to last—making this the last lunch cooler you’ll purchase for years to come.

The 6-Meal System ISOBAG is large enough to hold 6-8 reusable, plastic food storage containers. This fitness meal cooler sports the same design as the 3-meal version, with the addition of a removable middle sleeve and Ice Brick. If you take out the middle sleeve, it’s possible to fit in a larger container—or even a small casserole dish (casserole dish not included). This feature turns the 6-Meal ISOBAG into the ultimate take-a-long to any picnic, party, or beach trip! If you’re a regular commuter between the gym and work, the 6-meal cooler offers enough room to carry a day’s worth of meals—no more fast food or time wasted running home for a snack.


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