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LENNY & LARRY'S The Boss Cookie

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    • 18g of Dairy and Plant Based proteins per 2oz cookie
    • 1g of sugar with no artificial sweeteners
    • 6g of Prebiotic Fiber
    • 1g of Net Carbs
    • Non-GMO Ingredients
    • No Soy Ingredients
    • Kosher Certified
    • No eggs
    • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • No artificial colours or flavours
    • RSPO Palm Oil


The BOSS! Cookie is a convenient source of dairy and plant-based proteins. Loaded with 18g of protein, but with 1g of sugar, this cookie will show your hunger who's The BOSS!

Chocolate Chunk includes a unique blend of creamy chocolate chips and chunks to give this soft, chewy cookie a rich flavour that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The BOSS! cookie is made with non GMO ingredients and includes 6g of prebiotic fiber to help support gut health.



  • Consume as a snack only