• Increased strength 
    • Increased endurance
    • Increase muscle mass
    • Accurate recovery


Magnum BIG C will give you the dry muscular look that every hard training athlete wants. Big C is guaranteed to not cause water retention, so you can take it while you’re dieting, whether it be for beach season or even if you’re planning to step on stage and compete. Males and females alike have had great success with Big C and have been able to count on it for years to keep them hard while providing muscular energy, strength increases, and bigger muscular pumps.

The reason Magnum Big C is so effective at providing the benefits of creatine with zero water retention is because of the varied absorption rates of the creatines we chose to combine in the product, along with its unique combination of herbs, adaptogens, and absorption agents that allow Big C to be more effectively received by the receptor sites on your actual muscle tissues.

Another unique feature about Big C that athletes looking to showcase their hard fought gains will appreciate is the combination of CREATINE, GINSENG, AND ASTRAGALUS. This combination has been suggested in a recent human study to assist in greater strength and lean mass gains compared with the regular creatine group, but more significantly CREATINE, GINSENG, AND ASTRAGALUS supported a reduction in body fat mass compared with the creatine group. Magnum Big C is the perfect creatine formulation for the body conscious athlete that doesn’t just want to gain water weight, but who actually wants to gain lean mass with no bloat. You can look and feel great with Magnum’s Big C!



  • Take 5 capsules twice daily
  • For best results take 5 capsules before and after your workout