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MELROSE Organic MCT Powder

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    • Provides natural ketogenic energy
    • Supports fat burning
    • Helps provide fuel for the brain
    • No artificial ingredients, fillers or additives


Melrose Original MCT Powder offers all the benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in a creamy powder form. Sustainable and organic coconut derived MCTs are absorbed quickly by the body, providing an instant boost of clean energy.

MCTs increase ketone production in the body to help fuel mental and physical performance.

Melrose MCT powder is microencapsulated with prebiotic acacia fibre with nothing else added. Acacia fibre is a prebiotic that supports digestive health by feeding friendly gut bacteria and contributes to daily dietary fibre intake.



  • Provides a neutral flavour and light creamy consistency when added to warm or cold drinks
  • Enjoy it on its own or add to smoothies, baking or your daily coffee
  • Great pre-workout or to promote focus, energy and satiety any time of day