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NUZEST Kids Good Stuff

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    • Improved immunity
    • Supports healthy bones
    • Happier insides
    • Long lasting energy


Kids Good Stuff is designed specifically with children's needs in mind. It's packed full of vitamins and minerals, plus other great stuff that you won't get from capsules or gummy vitamins. It has all the elements to set your kid up for a good day and a great start in life. 

1. Provides all-in-one nutritional support
2. Easy to digest and absorb
3. Tasty, healthy and full of goodness
4. Zero bad stuff! 

IMPROVED IMMUNITY - Helps fill any nutritional gaps in their diet by boosting their vitamins & minerals.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY BONES - With 200mg calcium per serve, and 8g of plant-based protein to aid growth and development.

FOR HAPPIER INSIDES - With pre-and probiotics for good digestion and gut support.

LONG LASTING ENERGY - Includes 11 different fruit and veg to help them live, learn, grow and play!

  • Shake, blend or bake 
  • Use as directed
  • Always read the label