PLATINUM LABS Essentials Creatine

    • Build lean muscle
    • Increase strength
    • Aid recvoery


Essentials Creatine gives your muscles what you need to build size, power your performance, and protect against muscle fatigue mid-workout. By supplementing your Creatine levels, you’re following scientifically proven steps to enhance your 1RM and single-effort sprints as well as your overall performance during repetitive interval training and high-intensity exercise.

But Essentials Creatine doesn't just power your workout, it helps you recover by promoting greater gains in lean muscle mass and muscle fiber size. Now you can boost maximal strength and power, enhance bone regeneration, and improve recovery after endurance activities. Not content with anything less than PHENOMENAL, we've micronized our Creatine to make it purer and easier for your muscles to absorb. It's also easier to digest, reducing the chances of stomach discomfort and bloating. There is no denying it - Essentials Creatine is a crucial supplement for your training regime.



  • Take 1 Scoop first thing in the morning mixed with water or your favourite shake or beverage
  • Additionally take 1-2 scoops before exercise