PRANA ON Tribal Force Protein

  • Includes Hemp Protein
  • Raw organic
  • Vegan friendly
  • Supports sensitive digestive systems
  • Gluten, peanut, soy & GMO free
  • Naturally Flavoured & Sweetened


Tribal Force Protein is a powerful and progressive blend of plant-based proteins and superfoods; including Hemp, Maca and Sacha Inchi. Formulated to aid in the recovery and growth of active bodies. Fortified with digestive enzymes and probiotics for maximum bio availability. 



  • Combine 1 scoop (40g) in 250-400mls of water and shake, stir or blend
  • Tribal Force Protein is also delicious with almond milk, coconut water or smoothies


PLEASE NOTE: The best before date is 30SEP19