TEMOLE Pomegranate Chips

    • Antioxidant support thanks to the pomegrante’s these are made from. Pomegranate’s are one of the healthiest superfoods available so this is a perfect way to boost your nutritional intake
    • Lasting energy thanks to a nice balance of nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
    • Low sugar content to help keep your blood glucose levels under control
    • Very low saturated fat profile – the fats in these chips are very healthy and will help to boost heart health and lower inflammation
    • Receive all natural ingredients – there are no additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives in these chips


In the mood for something crunchy? Want a totally different snack idea? Temole has you covered. Their Pomegranate chips are unlike anything you’ve had before and are sure to wake up your taste buds in a hurry. These chips are made from 100% natural ingredients so are something you can feel great about putting into your body.

Pomegranate Chips by Temole are a perfect snacking option for those days where you just need something crunchy and want to satisfy your cravings in a hurry. What’s more is that they are calorie controlled as they come in individual sized packages, each of which contains fewer than 200 calories. This makes these a great option no matter what your diet happens to be – fat loss or muscle building. They require no prep and don’t need to be kept in the fridge so are an ideal option to have with you in the car, office, or just in in your bag as you go about your day.



  • Consume as a snack