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    • Enhance Joint Lubrication
    • Decrease Inflammation
    • Reduce Joint Pain


The fact of the matter is, that when you train hard and put your body through the work necessary to either increase strength or grow maximum amounts of muscle, there will always be a huge amount of stress placed on your joints.

Factor in the ageing process and we as humans are designed to diminish over time.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down or even improve joint health.

Universal Animal Flex combines core ingredients that help support the building and repair of tendons and ligaments, while simultaneously reducing the inflammation experienced under high stress.

At one single potent dose daily, Flex is not only maximally dosed but efficiently consumed as well.



  • Unlike regular joint supplements, you only have to take a single dose of Animal Flex
  • Just take a pack of Animal Flex with any meal during the day and you're set - doesn't matter which meal it is
  • As a core foundational supplement use it daily, on both training and non training days