USA LABS Hypoxy Lean

    • Containing 4 massive complexes
    • Crazy like thermogenics
    • Non stop energy
    • Jam packed 60 serves

If you are looking for an intense, high strength, buzzy, focus-y(?) fat burning pre workout, you are in the right place! USA Labs Hypoxylean Thermogenic Powder is a high quality, high strength fat burrning supplement with some mad, delicious flavours. Designed with the strong in mind, if you are not one for energy drinks, pre workouts and high stimulant supplements this bad boy might well put you on your butt! Hypoxylean is designed to give you a huge energy boost, increase your metabolism and daily calorie burn and make you feel REALLY happy while you lose weight. USA Labs deliver this with their intense but smart formula in Hypoxylean.



  • Take one scoop (1) once daily
  • Take with 250mL of water or sports drink
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage
  • Use only for a period of 30 days