Indian Masala - Let me spice up your Indian chicken, lamb, beef, fish or vegetable masala. I’m the essential ingredient for an authentic Indian masala. A seasoning with all-natural ingredients, and inner health benefits that do your yoga for you! I’m sublimely handmade fresh on demand with the delicious warmth of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cumin and chilli. And the exotic colours and flavours of turmeric and fennel. My flavour will heighten your senses and massage your tongue to the dizzying aromas and exquisite tastes of India.Made to order direct from Your Flavour, I’m great for Paleo, vegan, low salt and gluten-free diets!

Italiano Perfecto - I’m passionately in love with you! I just can’t help it, I long to be the heart and soul of your Italian cuisine. I’m Italian Perfecto! The perfect Italian seasoning for all your pizzas, bruscettas, omelettes, spaghettis, bolonaise and lasagnes. A living Italian masterpiece, I’m of course 100% natural. With the classic flavours and ancient health benefits of basil, thyme, parsley and garlic, black pepper and a pinch of unprocessed salt. I’m rich in flavour, incredibly good-looking and very very good for you. I’ll add pure Italian Perfecto to your cooking when you order me online only from Your Flavour!

Mexican Mamasita - Holy Mexican jumping beans! I’m your hot mama of Mexican seasonings! Mexican Mamasita! From tacos, burritos, salsas and fajitas to guacamole, stew and chili con carne, my great 8 combination of herbs and spices puts the song into your sombrero! Exciting and spicy, savoury and fragrant, add me to Mexican chicken, meat or veggies. Natural, healthy authentic flavours. Cooking with me is fun! With cumin, coriander, paprika and chilli, and no added fillers, keep me under your kitchen poncho, and cook up a Mexican storm! 100% natural, additive and gluten-free, I’m made to order fresh exclusively from Your Flavour online.

Middle Eastern Spices - For everything Middle Eastern, I’m your best friend in the kitchen. Yum yum Ya Habbibi! A heavenly mix of 11 sublime herbs and spices for chicken, beef, lamb, casseroles, roasted veggies, kebabs and stews, I capture the essence of the Middle East, warm and exotic, and infuse it into you. Made from all-natural ingredients like cumin, coriander, cloves and cinnamon, my amazing aroma and delicious taste will transform your cooking into a mouth-watering Middle Eastern experience. Keep me close as I’m good fortune, for culinary success! Your on-demand Middle Eastern kitchen companion, you can buy me online from Your Flavour.



  • Your Flavour Seasoning can be added during the cooking process or after your food has been cooked