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Experience Cyborg Sport’s innovative, results-driven formulas at My Supplement Store

Cyborg Sport uses cutting edge science and proven results to provide you with the best supplements for your fitness needs. Made with high-quality ingredients, their product formulas are constantly being upgraded to give you access to the latest protein supplement innovations. 

The Cyborg Sport range includes vegan, vegetarian and keto-friendly options to cater to your diet. Each of their products is made without gums or thickeners to reduce stomach and digestive issues, while their delicious flavours will suit any pallet. Plus, Cyborg Sport supplements are made without artificial flavours or colours, so you’re only getting the good stuff. 

Check outour range of supplements today and experience the Cyborg Sport difference. 

Work smarter, not harder with Cyborg Sport’s protein, collagen and amino acid supplements.

Whether you’re looking for a superiorwhey protein isolate or you need acollagen boost that’s easy on stomachs, our Cyborg Sport range has all your protein needs covered. 

Protein powders

Maximise your gains withCyborg Sport’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate. Designed to deliver high levels of essential amino acids and to be gentle on stomachs, Cyborg Sport’s grass-fed whey includes less fat and carbohydrates per serving than regularwhey protein isolate. Try classic flavours like chocolate shake, caramel sundae, vanilla ice cream or mix it up with white chocolate raspberry or cookies and cream. 

If you’re looking for a protein powder that also gives you a recovery boost, tryCyborg Sport’s Reboot CRS. This specially formulated solution combines grass-fed whey protein isolate with hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which target joint repair. Dual-stage Rocket Fuel and Palatinose Slow Carbs replenish glycogen stores, creating the perfect powder for bouncing back after a tough workout.

Collagen supplements

Boosting your collagen intake will strengthen your joints and make your nails, skin and hair look and feel healthier. Cyborg Sport revolutionised collagen supplements with their use of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (or HCP), which are both gentle on stomachs and easily absorbed for optimal results. 

If you’re looking for a protein powder with an added collagen boost,Cyborg Sport Collagen Pro contains 25g of protein per serve and is packed with essential amino acids. Free from dairy, gluten, fat and carbohydrates, this jelly packs the same amount of protein as thepowdered version into a tasty raspberry or lime jelly. 

Essential amino acids

There are nine essential amino acids that are — you guessed it —essentialfor helping our body absorb nutrients and repair tissue. Unfortunately, our body can’t naturally produce these acids. That’s where Cyborg Sport comes in. 

Cyborg Sport’s Amino Fusion Pro Complex merges two of Cyborg Sport’s most popular products into one super boosting powder, reducing muscle soreness and degradation to keep you feeling stronger for longer. Plus, our team loves it for its super-sweet passionfruit, raspberry, lemonade and cotton candy flavours. 

Meal Replacement Powders

A good meal replacement powder needs to be high in fibre without making you feel too full.Cyborg Sport’s Real Meal Powder sets itself apart by using both fast and slow-digesting proteins, oats, MCT oil, and beet sugar. Its full vitamin and mineral mix is combined with an optimal intake of proteins, fats and carbs, to create a filling meal replacement powder that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy. 

Grass-fed whey vs Regular whey: which protein powder should you choose?

Whey is a powdered form of protein made from cow’s milk during the creation of cheese and yoghurt. Cyborg Sport exclusively uses grass-fed whey throughout its range of protein powders and supplements. But what’s the difference, and is grass-fed whey better for you? 

Read on for our full breakdown of the benefits of buying protein supplements made with grass-fed whey. 

Is grass-fed whey better than regular whey?

There are a number of advantages to choosing grass-fed whey over regular whey. Grass-fed whey is typically regarded as being superior due to its increased Omega-3 acids and reduced fat content. For example, ourCyborg Sport Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate provides a boost of amino acids with almost no fat or carbohydrates per serving. 

Here’s why you should consider grass-fed whey when choosing your next protein powder.

  • There are fewer additives In general, grass-fed whey has a lower chance of being made by cows who are subjected to hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed cows are usually raised in more natural environments. This increases the nutritional value of grass-fed whey and adds to its reputation for being “cleaner.”
    Grass-fed protein powders, like ourCyborg Sport Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate, are also free from sweeteners, reducing your daily intake of sugars and giving you a healthier alternative to conventional protein powders.

  • It contains healthier fats Grass-fed whey protein concentrate contains significantly more omega-3 fatty acids, which help with heart health and weight loss. Most people are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids in their everyday diets, which makes grass-fed whey protein powder a great option for balancing your body’s overall fatty acid intake. This mainly applies to grass-fed whey concentrate, asgrass-fed whey isolate has most of the fat stripped from it.

  • It has more immune system benefits Although it's not marketed as an immune supplement, taking whey protein powder gives a boost to your immune system. Grass-fed whey has more Vitamin E and contains more lactoferrin, lysozyme and beta-lactoglobulin. Together, these three proteins can stimulate your immune cells, lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure, giving a bigger boost to your immune system.

  • It’s more eco-friendly In general, grass-fed cows are kept in better, more environmentally friendly conditions that produce less carbon and greenhouse gases. That makes grass-fed whey the better choice if you’re worried about your environmental footprint. Plus, grass-fed cows live significantly longer than cows raised under factory farming conditions. 

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