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Our dairy free protein powders help you build muscle and smash your fitness goals. 

Getting enough protein each day can be difficult, especially if you’re on a dairy free or vegan diet. Protein powder is a convenient way to boost your overall protein intake and get the most out of your workouts. While protein supplements likewhey protein powder are derived from milk, plant-based protein powders have been increasingly popular for anyone following a dairy free diet. 

Dairy free protein can be taken just like any other powder and is a great way to increase your protein intake, build muscle and reduce body fat if you can’t consume dairy. Some people prefer dairy free proteins in general, as the absence of lactose makes them easier to digest! 

Discover our range of soy, pea, hemp and rice-based dairy free protein powders.

Dairy-free protein powders are made from a variety of protein-rich sources that aren’t made with animal byproducts or contain dairy. These include:

  • Soy
  • Pea 
  • Hemp 
  • Rice
  • Chickpeas 
  • Pumpkin 
  • Blue-green algae, such as spirulina 
  • Sacha Inchi plants

The most common dairy-free protein powders are made with pea, soy, hemp or rice and contain a variety of benefits that suit other dietary restrictions. For example, our soy-free Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is made with peas from Northern France, great for anyone with a soy allergy. 

Many of our protein powders are made with a mix of dairy free proteins likeNature’s Best Plant-Based Protein, which combines pea and brown rice protein. Suitable for vegans, ourVeego Plant Protein is made with a mix of organic hemp protein, coconut-derived MCT oil powder, organic brown rice protein and organic pea protein.Switch Nutrition Protein mixes protein from seeds including pumpkin, watermelon, and hemp with pea and algae protein. 

Likewhey protein products, dairy-free powders are also available in a variety of flavours to suit your taste buds includingiced coffee,peanut butter cereal milk,super berry,chocolate berry ripe,coconut mylk, and more. 

FAQs about dairy-free protein

Is dairy free protein suitable for vegan diets?

Not every dairy-free protein powder is vegan. 

Many dairy free protein powders are made with animal byproducts such as egg whites or beef. These animal-based proteins are technically dairy free but aren’t suitable for vegan diets. 

When choosing a dairy free protein powder, it’s important to always check the ingredients. Most dairy free products contain a clear list of potential allergens or animal byproducts to prevent vegans and vegetarians from accidentally choosing the wrong powder for their diet. For example, ourGhost Vegan Protein andStaunch Vegan Proteins are both clearly marked as vegan-friendly.

Always check the nutritional breakdown on the back of your dairy free protein powder before purchasing.  

Should I choose dairy-free protein or whey protein isolate?

As a complete protein, whey is more efficient than dairy free protein and is superior if you’re looking to increase muscle growth quickly. In terms of overall effectiveness,whey protein powders will give faster results for most workout goals. Whey is also better for quicker recovery and contains more vitamins for additional immune support. This is important for athletes and active adults, as it speeds up muscle recovery between workouts. 

However, whey protein isn’t suitable for dairy or lactose-free diets. Whilewhey protein isolate is a good option for lactose intolerant people, it still contains dairy. 

The main criteria when choosing between whey protein and dairy free protein is your dietary restrictions. Some people who can have dairy still prefer plant-based proteins for their taste and texture, and many people find them easier to digest than whey products. While you may experience superior gains withwhey protein, you’ll get better results taking a powder that won’t interfere with your digestive system. 

Are protein powders good for increasing my energy levels?

Protein powders boost your endurance levels and can make you feel more active and energetic. Protein also slows your body’s absorption of sugar, which stops you from crashing after a tough workout. However, the purpose ofprotein powders is to build muscle tissue, notincrease your energy levels

Protein only provides energy to your body when you’re experiencing a shortage of carbohydrates and fats. Most protein powders are made up of around 70 to 80% protein, with the remainder being carbs and fat. Being predominantly protein-based means that protein powders will boost your endurance for difficult workouts and prevent crashing, but they won’t improve your overall,day-to-day energy levels

What time of day should I take protein powder?

The best time of day to take your dairy free orwhey protein powder will depend on your workout goals. 

  • Losing weight — A high protein diet helps with fat loss by raising your metabolism and curbing your appetite. Drinking a protein shake or smoothie in the morning is a common strategy for losing fat, as it gives your metabolism an immediate boost that can last for the rest of the day. This will also help curb your appetite for longer. 
  • Building muscle mass — Because your body breaks down protein during training and exercise, the general rule of thumb is to take protein powder within 1-2 hours after your workout. This counts whether your workout is in the morning, afternoon or evening, so time your training accordingly.
    Most protein powders recommend taking protein within 15-60 minutes after working out in what’s called the “anabolic window,” when your body can absorb nutrients more effectively. However, the window for optimal absorption is actually closer to 2 hours following your workout. 

Does it matter which type of dairy free protein I choose?

Choosing the right protein supplement often involves some trial and error. With so many different types of dairy free protein powders available, you might be wondering where to start. Is brown rice protein better than pea protein? What about powders made with a mix of proteins?
We’ve got you covered. Read on for our comprehensive breakdown of all things dairy free protein. 
  • Pea protein powder — Extracted from yellow split peas, pea protein powder is the most popular plant-based, dairy free protein on the market. Pea protein provides an additional iron boost and is high in fibre. It also contains all nine essential amino acids. However, pea protein is too low on cysteine and methionine to be considered a complete protein. We recommend pea protein as a great all-rounder if you're a newcomer to dairy free protein powders. 
  • Rice protein powder — Unlike pea protein, rice protein is high in cysteine and methionine. However, it doesn’t contain all nine essential amino acids and is low in lysine. This is why you’ve probably seen a lot of dairy free protein powders that are made with arice and pea protein mix.
    Rice protein is recommended for weight loss as it produces heat inside the body when digested, which helps burn more calories.

  • Hemp protein powder — Hemp is a good choice if you’re looking for a protein powder that is high in Omega oils. It contains high levels of protein and fibre but has fewer amino acids than pea and brown rice proteins. Hemp is usuallymixed with other proteins to balance out its missing quantities. 

  • Soy protein powder – Soy protein is less popular than rice and pea proteins as many people have soy allergies. It contains barely any fat and no cholesterol but is also missing iron and zinc. Pea and rice protein powders are generally superior to powders made with soy protein. 

Most dairy free protein powders in our range feature a mix of different proteins to provide a more balanced result. We recommend looking forpea and rice-based protein powder for the best overall gains. If you’re still unsure, reach out to one of our friendly team members in-store oronline and we’ll find the best protein powder for you.

Choose click and collect at checkout and pick up your dairy free protein powder in-store today! 




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