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Vitargo, Inc. is led by “Proof Before Promises”. Many consumers fall victim to product marketing instead of solid science and proof. Celebrity endorsements can over-shadow product quality and efficacy. When it comes to what you put into your body, Vitargo delivers on it’s promises—proven, clean and superior sports supplements. Don’t settle for “good” when you can choose the best. 

At Vitargo, all of their product claims are backed up by peer-reviewed studies, in humans on their actually product, not just on ingredients (aka borrowed science). They test each batch of Vitargo to ensure it is clean and safe for every athlete to consume. Vitargo is a brand that has been trusted by Olympians and elite athletes to weekend warriors and youth athletes for more than a decade. While many fads have come and gone, Vitargo has stood the test of time… why? —Simple. Because it works.

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