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Vitawerx is an Australian based health food company bringing their crazy ideas to life. After launching in 2015, Vitawerx has become a market leader due to their strong focus on developing the most innovative, high quality and unique food products!

Vitawerx is recognised globally for its amazing tasting range of healthy keto chocolate protein bars, coated treats and spreads. The team have spent years perfecting their secret formulation to bring you protein filled chocolate snacks that are all natural and keto friendly! 

They were sick and tired of seeing companies selling “Protein bars”, “Protein Cookies” or even “Vegan Products” that are filled with 30-40g of sugar per serve and trying to pass them off as being healthy.  That’s why they created Vitawerx. They have a HUGE passion in creating high quality products that are not only tasty but are actually healthy too.

They pride themselves on having the world’s best tasting low sugar, low carbohydrate, high protein snacks that are gluten free, keto friendly & 100% natural.


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