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    • 8 calories
    • 2g carbs
    • 0g sugar


C4 ON THE GO is a new, pre-mixed pre-workout drink you can grab when you need it most. Its formula boosts energy and focus, and its portable packaging makes it the perfect solution for pre-workout convenience. Just grab a fresh, icy-cold bottle and go workout!

C4 ON THE GO combines several superior ingredients in a single proprietary blend to maximize energy and improve performance: 

  • Beta Alanine: An amino acid that supports muscular endurance. Beta Alanine produces a tingly sensation throughout the body that lets you know it is working.
  • Arginine Nitrate: Arginine bound to Nitrate. Arginine Nitrate improves blood flow to the muscles during exercise, which helps you feel your muscles working.
  • Caffeine: A popular and proven source for energy. 
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: It is a core part of the essential energy blend. It helps support peak mental and physical performance.

Cellucor appreciate the art and science of developing flavours that excite your taste buds. Every sip of your pre-workout should be amazing. Their commitment to creating the best tasting flavours lives on with C4 ON THE GO. There’s nothing standing in your way… Go own your workouts.



  • Consume one bottle 20-30 minutes before dominating exercise... and life
  • Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation, which is attributed to beta alanine