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  • Enhances libido and masculinity in males
  • Has positive effects on the testosterone levels of males
  • Testosterone is important for anyone looking to build muscle and gain strength
  • Available in easy-to-consume capsules for your convenience
  • May assist with optimising overall male vitality


Testo Blast is a unique combination of ingredients used in traditional Chinese’s, Indian and Western Cultures over the years. These ingredients have shown promising signs to not only assist the body in the natural creation of testosterone. But to also help balance out the body’s natural hormone levels. 

Low testosterone can have huge impacts on day to day life. From lack of energy, constant soreness, lack of sex drive and even muscle wastage. Testo Blast unique combination of researched backed ingredients are here to help combat these effects. To help you perform at the top of you game and see results faster.



  • Consume 1 serving of JD Nutraceuticals Testoblast per day
  • For the best results, consume 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night
  • It is advised to spread out these consumption times by at least 8 hours in order to maximise absorption