PROSUPPS Hyde Xtreme

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Hit the gym like never before – with ProSupps Hyde Xtreme!

    • New formula Mr Hyde
    • Delivers Extreme Energy
    • Enhances Mental Focus
    • Maximises Power & Strength

MR Hyde is a powerful hardcore pre-workout supplement that has been a favourite among bodybuilders for years. And now it’s got a new formula Mr Hyde Xtreme the new formula is softer on the caffeine, reducing the risk of side effects. Instead, it uses a number of non-stimulant ingredients to support better mental energy while still getting the same performance benefits you’re used.

There are 2 key matrices of ingredients in Mr Hyde Xtreme: the strength and pump matrix and then the intensity matrix. Basically the physical and mental benefits, respectively.

Strength and Pump Matrix

Citrulline is all about the pump. It’s a nitric oxide booster, which opens up your veins for better blood flow. This boosts endurance, gives sick pumps, and boosts muscular recovery after exercise.

AAKG is a secondary ingredient to citrulline. It does the same things, but has a weaker effect, offering a varied take on better pumps.

Beta-Alanine is an endurance compound that helps you keep training through exhaustion, reduce fatigue, and have better workouts. And we all know better workouts means better gains.

Taurine is a hydration-aid, helping suck up water into the muscles. This is great for cell hydration, a key player in pumps, as well as combatting fatigue.

Intensity Matrix

Caffeine you should already be familiar with. It has powerful mental and physical benefits, improving how hard and long you can train for. It combats fatigue and ensures you have a good workout, even when you’re feeling worn down and unenthusiastic.

Lion’s mane is a non-stimulant that boosts mental performance. It’s a mushroom extract that’s getting popular for it’s powerful focus benefits that last long after the caffeine wears off.

Tyrosine is the foundation for dopamine – the compound that helps elevate your mood and fight stress. This is key for making sure you get the most out of your caffeine without the crash.

Piperine helps you absorb all of these ingredients. It maximises the results you can get from what you take in, making Mr Hyde a more effective supplement all-round.

One scoop of this intense pre-workout formula delivers extreme energy with increased power, strength, endurance and pumps. It’s easy to see why men and women all over the world have made this the top pre-workout on the market for eight years running. Don't settle for just any energy pre-workout; leave no doubt with Hyde Xtreme


  • To assess tolerance mix 0.5 scoop with 300ml- 400ml chilled water
  • Once tolerance is assessed then 1 scoop can be used
  • Best consumed 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not consume within 4 hours of bedtime.



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