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X50 Showtime Thermoshred

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    • Enhance training and focus
    • Metabolic booster
    • Support lean body mass
    • Contains Acetyl L-carnitine
    • Soy and dairy free
    • Zero sugar and zero calories
    • Gluten free
    • Green tea and green coffee extract
    • Mind blowing flavours


Ever wanted more hours in the day? We will let you in on a little secret, it's called Showtime and it will give you energy and motivation to get sh**t done. Not just for the gym, we're talking energy to get through your housework, emails, life, whatever! Low in calories and bursting in flavour, get ready to feel good.

When we first decided to create a thermogenic pre-workout blend we listed everything that was important to us in a product. The list was big! Fat-burning, metabolism support, focus, energy, no crash and great taste. Each was important as the next, so we thought, why not include them all! And that is how SHOWTIME was born. A dynamic blend of the most potent thermogenic, performance and cognitive enhancing ingredients available. 




  • Mix 1 scoop in up to 1750mL cold water and drink immediately

  • Thermo: 1 scoop in the morning or before lunch

  • Pre-workout: 1 heaped scoop 20 minutes before training

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