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CYBORG SPORT Amino Fusion Pro Complex

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Use Amino Fusion and know you're at peak performance!

    • 7g EAA
    • 1.6g Beta Alanine
    • 0.5g Carnitine
    • 0.5g Citrulline
    • 0.5g Arginine

The first sign of a tough workout is soreness - but that soreness is also a sign that your muscles are struggling to recover and can slow you down from training them again. Amino Fusion is a synergistic complex of 13 different amino acids that work in unison to increase muscular endurance, support athletic energy and boost recovery muscle protein synthesis. Amino Fusion is an intra-workout amino acid formulation that is designed to help you train harder for longer as well as recovery faster and with less soreness. Made from free-form amino acids, Amino Fusion has no fat, carbs or dairy. 

The more intense your training session is the more effective it is - but only if your body is given the tools it needs to perform at its peak and recover effectively.



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