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EHPLabs Crea-8

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    • Helps gain size and strength
    • Hypertrophic cell volumizer
    • Provides everlasting endurance
    • Speeds recovery time
    • Purity guaranteed and absolutely no fillers!


CREA-8, a pure creatine monohydrate, is a combination of three different amino acids: glycine, arginine and methionine. EHPlabs' comprehensive studies suggest that creatine monohydrate increases fat free mass, anaerobic strength and power.

Consuming CREA-8 by EHPlabs on a daily basis ensures that your muscles are saturated with creatine monohydrate to promote cell volumization, muscle hydration and increased endurance.



  • Consume 5 grams of CREA-8 with 250 ml of water or mix with OxyWhey Lean Protein post workout
  • During loading phase (1 week), consume 10 grams of CREA-8 pre and post workout with 250ml water