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    • Puffy bloating GONE!
    • Muscle & intestinal cramping GONE!
    • Loading phase GONE!
    • Cycling on and off GONE!
    • Poor Results GONE!


Kre-Alkalyn’s patented “pH Correct” buffering technology turns the tables on creatinine. It doesn’t convert in liquids! We call it pH Correct technology. You’ll call it the best way to avoid side-effects, loading, cycling, while saving money and getting the results you want from creatine.

Kre-Alkalyn’s patent also covers all pH levels from 7-14. Therefore, the pH of all other creatine products must be pH 6.9 or less — meaning they will convert to creatinine in liquids.

Don’t settle for unstable creatine that converts to creatinine before reaching muscle! Kre-Alkalyn gives you the results you crave from creatine… WITHOUT puffy bloating, painful cramps or the hassles of loading and cycling all thanks to pH-Correct technology!



  • Mix 3g in 200ml of water or protein shake and consume immediately
  • Kre-Alkalyn is best used either 30-60 minutes before, or immediately after training
  • Take one serve daily on training days