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MAXS Lab Series: L-Arginine

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Increase blood flow and pumps during hard training!

    • Supports blood flow to working muscles
    • Helps boost your workouts
    • Supports endurance

Max’s Lab Series L-Arginine is made from pure micronised L-Arginine HCL with no added flavours, sweeteners or fillers. L-Arginine boosts Nitric Oxide, which is a powerful vasodilator that increases blood flow and pumps during hard training. It also helps stimulate Growth Hormone release for improved recovery and muscle growth. A powerful compound, L-arginine boosts muscle hypertrophy and speeds up recovery for higher performance and pumping. L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid that is used to make nitric oxide, it’s also a key component of many proteins. The signalling molecule nitric oxide is essential for the regulation of blood flow, the function of the mitochondria, and cellular communication, among other critical body processes. Additionally, it instructs muscles to release growth hormones and speed up fat metabolism.

Max's Pure Arginine may assist in boosting blood flow and oxygenation to muscles and hence improve exercise performance by raising nitric oxide levels within the body. Additionally, it may help lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, which may be advantageous for persons with high blood pressure. According to health experts, L-arginine is widely utilised in the therapeutic context to treat a number of ailments like infection and trauma since in these situations, the body is unable to produce enough arginine on its own. Max’s Pure Arginine is suitable for vegans, is free from gluten and dairy, and employs pure arginine hydrochloride since it is easily absorbed and freely soluble in water.



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