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RYSE Loaded Protein

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    • Appetite suppressant and control
    • Improves muscle recovery
    • Increases muscle gain
    • 25g of protein per serve
    • Added Prebiotic Fiber for digestive and health benefits

Discover RYSE LOADED PROTEIN, where premium ingredients meet incredible flavors, earning five-star reviews across the board! Experience the perfect blend of high-quality protein and added health benefits without sacrificing taste. Let RYSE LOADED PROTEIN show you the difference!

  • 25g of Whey Protein: With whey isolate as the primary source for optimal muscle building and recovery.
  • Prebiotic Fiber: Supports digestive health and overall wellness.
  • Added MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides): Boosts metabolism and enhances energy levels.
  • Easy to Digest: Say goodbye to stomach bloat and enjoy a smooth, enjoyable experience.
  • Delicious Flavours: Five-star reviewed flavours that make every sip a delight.

To start off, RYSE loaded protein consists of 2 different types of protein, whey isolate being the primary source and whey concentrate being the secondary. This combination contributes to both a premium taste and texture.

RYSE Loaded Protein contains 1g of a specific type of healthy fat, called medium- chain tryglycerides, or more simply...MCT Oil. Not only does this aid in superior texture, but can help boost metabolism and support energy levels.

Lastly, RYSE Loaded Protein uses prebiotic fiber to improve digestion and prevent any dreaded stomach bloat. So if you’re looking for a high quality protein, that not only benefits your lifestyle but has award winning flavours, no need to look further...RYSE Loaded Protein is for YOU!

Choose RYSE LOADED PROTEIN for a superior protein formula that doesn't compromise on taste. Experience the benefits of a high-quality protein blend designed to help you build, recover, and strengthen like never before!




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