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    • Increased general health
    • Heart health
    • Liver protection
    • Metabolic health
    • Convenient AM/PM pack format
    • Comprehensive health formula


Med-Kid by Redcon1 is a must-have for anyone who is looking to improve their health as one of their main goals. While achieving a proper body weight and getting stronger in the gym is important, nothing is going to be as important as keeping your body healthy over the long run.

Most people out there take a multi-vitamin to ensure their health and call it a day. If you want to go that extra mile, Med-Kid by Redcon1 is a product to have on hand. This product is designed to help you maximise your well-being while providing your body with the nutrients that ensure optimal longevity.

It’d be great if each of us could eat a perfectly balanced diet every day with the precise nutrients our body needs. However, this is rarely the case. Know that you have back-up support – know that you have Med-Kit on your side.



  • For best results take 1-2 packs of Recon1 Med Kit daily
  • We'd recommend making this part of your supplement foundation stack to keep your general health & wellness on point year-round