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BSc Myocytin

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    • Increase lean muscle mass
    • Improve recovery and performance
    • Increase power, strength and speed
    • HASTA Certified


MYOCYTIN Creatine was created to improve Creatine supplementation and its benefits. The combination of Creatine, Taurine, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Glycine creates a powerful Creatine Transportation System that increases the uptake of Creatine by the muscles and enhances results. The formula was first created 18 years ago, and, due to public demand, Body Science is bringing this incredible product back.

Taurine helps assist with regulation of glucose metabolism and uptake, as well as assisting with protein synthesis and reducing markers of muscle damage and oxidative stress.

Glycine also helps assist with regulation of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins by increasing pancreatic hormone response.

Dextrose is used for quick energy and glycogen replenishment; it is the key transporter for creatine into the muscle cells.

Electrolytes are essential for cellular function and carry electrical charge. Best known for supporting hydration and improved energy production it also helps with the uptake of creatine into the blood stream.



  • Add 40g (2 level scoops) into 300 ml of cold water
  • Mix well with a shaker and consume immediately, once daily
  • May be consumed before, during or after exercise