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    • Six different carbohydrates
    • Triggers anabolic response
    • Replenish glycogen stores
    • Blocks cortisol
    • Bring on insulin spike for optimal recovery and growth


International Protein Extreme Carbs is muscle glycogen recovery formula. Scientifically developed to shuttle nutrients directly into the muscle cells, International Protein Extreme Carbs creates a highly anabolic environment within your body by triggering an insulin spike that forces nutrients into your muscles to maximise your anabolic window.

When you exercise, especially when you lift weights, your muscle glycogen stores become depleted, so it is extremely important to consume fast acting carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen and bring on the insulin spike. By doing this you also block cortisol, which is a hormone that breaks down your muscle tissue after training.



  • For recovery purposes mix 80 grams with 200 - 400ml of water post training
  • A recommended serve is about 1.0-1.5g/kg body weight
  • For the best consistency, use 50 – 100ml of water per 20 grams of Extreme Carbs



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